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Iron Chef event

Making decorations

Guides making decorations for the hospital

International Resources

World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) click here

Our Cabana in Mexico

Our Chalet in Switzerland

Pax Lodge in London

Sangam in India

our cabana

WCA girls at Our Cabana

Welcome to West Coast Area Forms and Resources

Please check this page for updated ideas,resources, forms and procedures.

West Coast Area forms and resources

    Wondering about our Area guidelines? West Coast Area has some policies and guidelines for decision-making at the Area level. These guidelines are updated each year as needed. Topics include allocation of cookie funds, member support, camperships, and local awards. The February 2019 version is below. For BC Council Standards click here

  • WCA Procedures 2019 - WCA Procedures 2019

  • WCA Request for Membership Subsidy F001 word or pdf
  • WCA Campership Request F002 word or pdf
  • WCA Expense Form F003 word or pdf
  • WCA Request for Area Cookie Profit for Trips form F004
  • WCA Request for Payment of Meeting Location Form F005 word or pdf
  • WCA Vick Malkin Traveler's Fund F006 word or pdf

  • WCA Request for Bednight Subsidy F007 word or pdf

  • WCA Process for Paper Registration - WCA Paper registration
  • WCA Independent Group Trip Guidelines IGT

  • Frequently Asked Questions from the BC International Committee - FAQ

National forms and resources

Our National Girl Guides of Canada - Guides du Canada website is at www.girlguides.ca

Here you will find the forms you need for Safe Guide and many others. The website if full of great ideas, information on International trips, book clubs, PR information and tons of useful things to do.

BC Girl Guides (Province) forms and resources

Our BC Girl Guide website is at www.bc-girlguides.org. Look under Resources for lots of ideas and information about program,camping, training, membership, international, finance and more.

For other resources

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